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We believe that looking after your health means looking after your home too. Which is why we are all about giving you the best way to keep your home clean in a way that doesn’t become another one of life’s stresses.

Our company is the only official Kirby distributor in Mauritius and since 2015 has been equipping Mauritian families with the only home care system they will ever need to combat dirt, dust and bacteria!

We are all about giving you the best way to enjoy your home and making your cleaning routine easier and much more effective.

We offer you the solution to be in control of your home’s hygiene and prevent things like dust, allergens and bacteria from bothering you more than it should.

Our team is dedicated and passionate about helping families and businesses get the best out of their home care systems and continues to welcome Mauritian families to the Kirby family every day.

When you invest in a Kirby, you’re investing in an appliance for life. How many items in your home can you say that about?

We’re committed to providing the easiest possible ways for you to keep your home clean, period!

Hear It from Our Clients:

Nous souhaiterions vous laisser savoir que nous sommes tres contents de notre appareil Kirby et que le service apres-vente est tres satisfaisant en esperant continuer sur cette meme lancee.

Patrick & M. Louise Cambier

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