Introducing The only Home care system you will ever Need to Disinfect & Deep clean your living & working space

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Kirby Mauritius is committed, during the covid-19 pandemic to caring for the health, safety and well-being of our employees and community we serve, including our customers, partners, prospects and agents. We strive to play a constructive role in supporting local health protocol and sanitary advisories.


A special device at a special price!

Now only:

Rs106.609,00 (+15% VAT)

The world's most advanced all-in-one cleaning and sanitizing system - includes:

• Base
• Zipp Brush
• Turbo Accessories
• Multi Surface Shampoo System

4 Years warranty

Fire Replacement Plan

Rebuild Plan

Life free customer service

Rs 10.000 Deposit - Up to 48 months - Mauritian Rupees

About Us

We believe that looking after your health means looking after your home too. Which is why we are all about giving you the best way to keep your home clean in a way that doesn’t become another one of life’s stresses. Our company is the only official Kirby distributor in Mauritius and since 2015 has been equipping Mauritian families with the only home care system they will ever need to combat dirt, dust and bacteria! We are all about giving you the best way to enjoy your home and making your cleaning routine easier and much more effective.

see what our clients are saying:

The Kirby is a really incredible product. We made the right choice and were surprised by the powerful suction and deep cleaning. We've never seen so much dirt coming out our carpets! If you think your house is clean, after you use the Kirby, you will think again. We highly recommend it and the after sales service is really great.

Jennifer & Sanjiv Jeewon

Really happy with the machine. It's user-friendly and works. The training provided helps a lot with the demonstrations provided. Keep it up!

Mr Kiran Conhye

The Only Machine You Will Ever Need
To Keep your home clean

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Did you know

Carpets & Mattresses can hold up to 8 times their weight in dust, mites (acari) and allergens.

Do you really know what’s living in your mattress?

Claim your FREE* Carpet/Mattress Clean Today!

*One carpet or mattress of your choice to be cleaned

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Claim your FREE* Carpet/Mattress Clean Today!

*One carpet or mattress of your choice to be cleaned